Concierge Catering

We are excited to announce that Kosher Holiday Resort is teaming up with Concierge Catering and South Florida's most amazing chefs and culinary team for the High Holidays, assuring a most tantalizing Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur (pre fast and break fast) at the luxurious Eden Roc, Miami Beach.


The ever popular CHEF DAVID BENREY, former Executive Chef at Harbour Grill ​ and CHEF STEVE MENDEZ former Executive Chef for Norwegian Cruise Line, Doral Country Club & Sandals Resort will combine their incredible culinary wizardry with dynamic flavors to create the most sumptuous Rosh Hashana Kosher Menu. Both Chef Benrey and Chef Mendez are recognized as leading chefs in the Kosher culinary world.

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Every detail is carefully planned and your host Gitty takes great care that the dining room is beautifully set and decorated in honor of the holidays with the finest flowers and design befitting a lavish feast or wedding. 

​The entire retreat is under strict Rabbinical supervision of the ORB. All meals are complemented with entertaining stories and traditional melodies.